Utilising Travel Data And Technology

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Transparent, accurate and timely data is something that travel managers have felt historically they aren’t receiving from their travel suppliers. However, in 2016, travel data and analysis is in a more positive place – this document outlines the progress which has been made, why and what technologies are now available.

It will look at how data technologies are empowering the travel manager. At ATPI we are able to build a solution that gives each company a window into their travel programme. And why you need to move away from static reporting. More important than “new technology” (which is often easy to adapt to) is making sure that we break away from traditional ‘static reports’.

We also discuss how to use data to inform your travel programme and how working with your TMC can maximise your data. To accomplish this is no easy task; it requires a high degree of interaction / integration with your TMC, as they are the natural aggregators of your supplier data and can provide one consolidated view bringing together your travel intelligence.

Utilising travel data and technology

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