Seadrill – International Consolidation

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Seadrill is a leading offshore deepwater drilling company whose focus is making oil and gas available in a safe and cost effective manner.

The company operates a versatile fleet of more than fifty drilling units for operations in shallow to ultra-deep water areas, in both harsh and benign environments.

The challenge:

Before appointing ATPI Griffinstone, Seadrill used many different suppliers based in various countries to manage its travel services. But having to deal with different time zones and cultures was challenging.

ATPI Griffinstone’s proposal was that Seadrill work with a single TMC, using local ATPI Griffinstone offices linked through a common global platform. ATPI Griffinstone’s service would consolidate spend, gain an understanding of travel patterns, and provide access to a range of management information.

Seadrill – International Consolidation

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