Achieving a proactive travel strategy within the energy sector

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Data and analytics have always played a key part in travel programmes, however the role it plays is becoming increasingly crucial and is only set to grow, especially for those operating within the energy industry.

The recently enhanced spotlight on management information has lead to some saying we have reached a new era of data analytics. Those achieving the most from their travel programme no longer analyse data retrospectively, to see what has happened and why it is happened. They want to use management information to help shape their future programme and predict travellers patterns.

By using data more intelligently the overall travel strategy will become increasingly proactive and allow organisations to be more efficient in their strategy. Travel managers need to ask and understand “what will happen if.…” By taking this step the masses of travel data they have on tap can be transformed into useful information to increase savings and efficiencies. It can also be used to identify trends and therefore change behaviours within your organisation, further increasing savings.

For energy companies to achieve a proactive travel strategy, it’s crucial to establish how data is currently collected and viewed, as getting this right lays the strong foundations for a powerful and effective, data-led programme. Here are the initial necessary steps to take to achieve a proactive programme: